A Brief Overview

Clearswitch was started about 15 years ago as an early entry digital telecom industry in North America. Those early days were full of challenges, as digital telecom was a new technology and many players in the industry were not all that reliable. This left a bad impression of digital voice back then. Many things have changed since then, and digital telecom is used throughout the world successfully. We now run millions of voice data traffic through our  media gateway controller on a monthly basis, and help some of the worlds largest businesses stay digitally connected.
Since those early days, the team at Clearswitch began helping clients with their web hosting and web design needs. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we and our partners can set you up with a professional website hosted at a world-class datacenter for a reasonable price. What differentiates us from many others in the industry is that we are obsessed with quality, redundancy, and network speed. We find the fastest and best routes for data to travel across the global internet networks. 


We utilize state-of-the-art datacenters that use the latest technology to guarantee powerful performance and availability.
N+1 Cooling Configuration
Redundant Hardware
Dark-Fiber Connectivity


We utilize redundant networks that connect to the world's most important Internet exchanges ensuring fast connectivity.
10+ Tbps Bandwidth Capacity
Multiple Tier-1 Backbones
Global Network Peering