Cloud PBX Seats

What is a Cloud PBX?
A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is an office telephone system that provides your business with telephone features like call transfer, call hold, call-park, call waiting, auto-attendant and voicemail. A Cloud based service means that we host the phone system in our facilities and you do not need to buy an expensive on-premise PBX. The Clearswitch business-grade PBX service provides local, long distance and international calling and standard business PBX features. It offers your organization a one-stop, fully functional, low-cost enterprise voice solution that replaces costly traditional telephone carriers and PBX vendors.
How does a Cloud PBX service work?
A Cloud PBX is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional copper phone lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The entire telephone network throughout the world is slowly converting to VoIP. Every VOIP telephone has a unique IP Address. Thus Cloud PBX translates the public phone network to an IP address. When a phone number is dialed, the Cloud PBX switch looks up the IP address and delivers the call to the VOIP telephone.
What are the benefits of using a Cloud PBX?

A Cloud PBX provides great features and easy install and management. These benefits include:

  • Easy installation – phones plug into your existing Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Easy expansion – just add phones without more PBX hardware or upgrades
  • Low capital expenditure – purchase only phones, not an expensive PBX system
  • Free moves, adds, changes or self-service – no need for a PBX expert
  •  Location independence – you can use the same PBX across multiple sites
  • Telecommuting for remote workers and home offices
  • Portability- move your phones to a new office without hassle
  • Enhanced features – voicemail to email, simultaneous ring to cell phones etc.
  • One-stop service for local, long distance and PBX
What uptime guarantees do you provide?
Clearswitch provides 99.9% up time, however Clearswitch is not responsible for incidents beyond its control, such as failure in the customer’s LAN, equipment, or internet service provider. Clearswitch Cloud PBX is a redundant, carrier-grade system offering the same or better reliability as your traditional phone company.
What phones does Clearswitch support?
We support Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Aastra, Grandstream VoIP phones and many softphones. Any analog or cordless phone can also be supported using an analog telephone adapter (ATA).
Do I own my phone number?
Yes. Local number portability (LNP) regulations allow you to move your cell or landline phone number to any provider. In certain cases, you may need to provide proof of ownership by producing a phone bill with your company name and address on it.
Can I use my existing internet service?
Yes. We guarantee high voice quality over third party internet service providers (ISP's) with proper pre-installation testing and the installation of a proper router with QOS activated. We support Cable, DSL, and Fiber connections. We do not guarantee good voice quality on wireless internet or satellite internet.
How much internet bandwidth do I need?
We allocate approximately 80KBPS for each concurrent phone call, using the highest voice quality codec G711. So if you need five concurrent phone calls, you will need around 400KBPS (80×5). DSL is typically 1.5MBPS down and 768KBPS up and thus can easily handle five calls. Phone calls create two-way traffic, so the slower uplink speed (i.e.768KBPS) is the governing factor. To guarantee perfect voice quality in all traffic conditions, your IT specialist should activate QOS on your company router, which prioritizes voice traffic over data and prevents the data traffic from degrading the voice.
How do you compare with residential VoIP services like Vonage?
Residential providers do not offer the advanced business PBX features such hunt groups, call transfer, music on-hold and auto-attendant and do not customize to meet your business needs. They provide calling connectivity typically through the use of locked analog telephone adapters (ATA's) instead of business grade IP phones.
Can I use my existing VoIP phones?
Yes, as long as they are the supported VoIP phones, example..Grandstream, Polycom, Cisco, Linksys, Aastra, etc.
How does Clearswitch differ from its competition?
Our Cloud PBX quality and reliability begins with the implementation of a carrier grade switching platform, similar to the one used by major carriers like ATT, Verizon, Bell, and Rogers. Our Cloud PBX system is built with redundant network servers and redundant internet and power in professional computer co-location facilities. The Cloud PBX phone network runs on multiple Tier 1 backbone carriers. We also don't charge a set price "per seat". We only charge for "per minute" for usage, and monthly fees for phone numbers.
Can I keep my existing phone numbers?
Yes, we can port any existing local phone number or 8xx number to our network when you sign a letter of Agency (LOA) that authorizes the move. It takes, on average, five to ten business days to move a number. There is a $5 porting fee per number. We can port numbers in all lower 48 states and Canada, except for certain rural areas.
What are the payment options?
Our services are strictly on a prepay basis. Clients add funds via Paypal or credit card to their account and live usage is deducted in real time from accounts. Phone number fees are deducted from clients accounts on a monthly basis. Our system emails clients with low balance notifications once below a set threshold. All billing is in USD.
Do you provide E-911 emergency services?
Clearswitch offers E911 with all of its numbers. VoIP phones are easily moved, so it is the customer’s responsibility to register a new 911 address by utilizing the end-user portal. Each phone with a unique telephone number may have a different 911 address. Your company IT specialist must ensure all phones are sending the correct Caller ID in order for E911 to work correctly.
How do we install IP desk phones?
Once you have purchased IP Phones, the IT specialist of your company that manages your computer network will first set up QOS on the company router, then they will unbox and plug the IP phones into the Ethernet jacks throughout your premises. Once that is done, your IT specialist will login to the web portal of each phone (using the IP address and GUI for each phone), and provision them with the "seat" information we have sent. There is an Ethernet switch in each phone so it can share the same cable drop with a computer.

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